Ripples Rainbow Bangle Bracelet – Purple Princess


Does this Ripples bracelet resonate with you?

Elegant and sophisticated, the jewelry in the Ripples collection is the perfect adornment for women who refuse to blend in with the crowd. Elaborately designed using digital tools, this 3D printed bracelet has been finished by hand.



When you are drawn to the water, you want to express yourself with jewelry that communicates who you are. The Ripples collection from Fair Winds Jewelry articulates your connection to water in original jewelry with wave movements in three-dimensional forms.

This bracelet is made from light weight 3D printed polyamide (Nylon) and has a springlike flexibility that ensures it will stay securely on your wrist. You are sure to turn heads when you are wearing it.

Named after the tropical flower, Purple Princess

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Product Specifications

4″ x 4.7″ x 2.2″
Each one is hand dyed in a rich purple inspired by the Hawaiin Purple Princess flower



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