Ripples Pinwheel Mirror Finish Sterling Silver Stud Earrings


Let the wind blow! Fine silver earrings perfect for casual wear and a night on the town!


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These striking Ripples Pinwheel stud earrings have been made from fine silver (99% silver) with a sterling silver (92.5% silver) post. Each pair is accompanied by a silicone and sterling clutch earring back to ensure comfort and stability on your ears.

All of the jewelry pieces in the Ripples Collection have been fabricated from precious metal sheets, meticulously pierced in radiating patterns inspired by capillary waves. After cutting, each one is hand formed into dimensional shapes and finished with sterling silver earring posts. Reminiscent of natural forms, these earrings resemble tiny ripples in a puddle or small sea creatures.

Each piece has been polished to a mirror finish and tumble hardened for durability. Due to the handmade nature of this collection there may be very slight variations in actual measurements.

.8″ x .8″ x .75″d
Main Body – fine silver (.99)
Posts – sterling silver (.925)
Back – sterling silver (.925) and silicone rubber

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Satin Brushed Finish, High-Polish(Mirror) Finish


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