Dragon Penannular Brooch
Designed in a computer, then 3D printed, hand dyed and hand assembled, this brooch harks back to the days of the Vikings but with a modern twist.

From the dawn of humanity, mankind has gathered near bodies of water. The living environment of streams, rivers and oceans continues to hold a fascination for many of us. We seem to hear the water calling us to walk along the beach, toss pebbles into ponds and sail across oceans.

I feel the call of the sea and am compelled to create personal ornamentation. Fair Winds Jewelry collections articulate a relationship with bodies of water and the vessels that navigate them.

Radiating wavelike patterns call to mind the patterns left in the beach by the endless waves and the ripples of a pebble tossed in a still pond. The same patterns are found in creatures which reside in the ocean.

I’ve always lived on or near bodies of water on the East coast of the United States, including living aboard a sailboat for 12 years as well as cruising the Intracoastal Waterway. This obsession with the forms of maritime vessels has translated into striking jewelry that adorns the body in the way a vessel interacts with a body of water.

Barb Baur

Fair Winds Jewelry