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November already?

I saw a tiktok making fun of the fact that people always  say “I can’t believe it’s November…” Yes, my friends, despite arriving at a regular and predicatable intervals, November always seems to take us by surprise.

There’s no question that 2021 has been another year of not-quite-normal. But here we are..November. And the many year end holidays are here. If you have been watching the news, you may have noticed how the supply chain from Asia is having big trouble and panic is setting in about whether you’ll be able to buy what you need for holiday gifts.

The solution is right here. Buy local, buy  from small businesses and buy from independent artists.

Check out CraftBoston holiday online to see my work alongside the work of other independent artists. This online show opens Friday November 12 and runs all the way to January 30. Time enough for all of the many different winter holidays all the way into 2022.

And keep an eye on my shop as I add new and different products through out the season.