After the Tempest Teapot


Viking ships were made with precision craftsmanship, such that a number of them still exist nearly a thousand years later. Starting with a heavy center keel, successive planks were bolted onto the previous plank and then reinforced with inner ribs as the ship grew in side. The thin skin of a viking ship allowed it to easily move in the rough waves of the ocean and the shallow draft allowed them to move close to shore or even land on beaches.
This piece is a whimsical interpretation of a Viking ship broken in a storm.


When you are drawn to the water, you want to express yourself with jewelry that communicates who you are.

This decorative (non-functional) teapot is a striking piece of art for any collection. Meticulously designed in the computer, this piece is made from multiple 3D printed parts and assembled with sterling silver components.

This piece is featured in the Jewelry and Metals Survey 2019 publication compiled by the Society of North American Goldsmiths and was exhibited in the invitational Teapots! 13 at the Morgan Glass Gallery.

It has been elaborately designed and made from light weight 3D printed polyamide (Nylon) and sterling silver.

Product Specifications
12.3″ x 6″ x 7.3″

This piece can be customized.

Additional information


Coral white, Dark sea/blue green, Lupin/ pink purple, Sunset, Sunset/red yellow, Violet white


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