Beam Reach Sails and Hulls Clip Brooch


The Beam Reach Sails and Hulls Clip Brooch has been inspired by the abstracted forms of ships, the planked lines of ancient viking  ship hulls and the billowing sails of a ship.  It easily becomes an attractive accessory to any outfit by hanging from your collar.


This piece has been elaborately designed and made from light weight 3D printed polyamide (Nylon) and sterling silver. Each component has been hand dyed and assembled with precision.

A beam reach is the fastest point of sail on a sailboat, when the wind is coming across the deck of the boat and the sails are able to transfer the winds motion to the hull.  It is also the most comfortable point of sail, a steady motion as the boat propels forward with little heel.

This clip brooch can be worn tucked in your collar, an outside coat pocket or even in your waist in a pair of jeans.

It is available with a oak and bronze rig for display when not being worn.

It measures 6.9″ x 8″ x 3.6″


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