Sea Creatures Brooch/Pendant


Sea Creatures is a two part piece brooch and pendant.  Large, colorful and intricately detailed, this brooch is a real show stopper. The Pendant is availabel separately, please inquire.


This large piece was created for the Society of North American Goldsmith’s (SNAG) 50th anniversary exhibit – Goldsmith ’20. The exhibit called for members to create works that responded to the artists and works that appeared in the 1970 SNAG exhibit Goldsmith ’70.

Sea Creatures was created in response to two pieces that were part of the Goldsmith ’70 exhibit, one by John Paul Miller and another by Mary Lee Hu.  Miller’s pendant/brooch was ornately textured with his signature style gold granulation. Hu’s neckpiece was woven sterling silver wire with ends that suggested tentacles.  This piece offers an re-interpretation of the woven form transformed into a sea anenome and a robin fish that lurks in the waving tentacle of the anenome. The Anenome brooch and the fish pendant can be worn together or separately.

The anenome is a large multi colored brooch that can be worn with the tentacle across the top or facing down. The fish is a completely separate piece with a  clip allows it to hook into the anenome form in many different places, allowing the wearer to decide how to wear the two pieces in combination.

Elaborately designed using digital tools, this entire piece combines techniques of hand dyed 3D printed parts with woven sterling silver and meticulous application of gold  and silver leaf.

Entire piece measures : 8″ x 7.25″ x 4.25″

(Vintage photos courtesy of American Craft Council Archives)


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