Sails and Hulls Collar Neckpiece


The Sails and Hulls Collar has been inspired by the abstracted forms of ships, the planked lines of the viking hulls and the billowing sails of a ship. ┬áIt’s form has been based on the flexible of ancient Egyptian beaded collars.

This is a one of a kind necklace.


This piece has been elaborately designed and made from light weight 3D printed polyamide (Nylon) and sterling silver. Each of twelve individual links have been hand dyed before assembly with hand-made sterling silver components. It has been designed to lay comfortably on the shoulders and hooks back to itself. A perfect accessory for any event where you want to stand out from the crowd.

This piece is available with a metal and acrylic stand to display the work when not being worn.

It measures 13.9″ x 8″ x 11.9″


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