Oseberg Flying Sails Brooch


This oversized brooch is not just a statement piece, but a decorative object inspired by the actual form of the Viking ship Oseberg which is on display in Oslo, Norway. On your wall or on your body, there is no mistaking your flair for the dramatic.


When you are drawn to the water, you want to express yourself with jewelry that communicates who you are.

The Flying Sails has been inspired by the beautiful line of the bow of the Oseberg viking ship on display at the Viking Ship museum in Norway. The dragon on the boat splits the hull of the ship and takes flight.

This brooch has been elaborately designed and made from light weight 3D printed polyamide (Nylon), sterling silver and a heavy stainless steel pin. Perfect for a formal event to stand out from the crowd.

This piece is available with an oak and bronze rig that suspends the piece away from the wall.

Product Specifications
10.5″ x  7.5″ x  4.4″

Additional information


Coral white, Dark sea/blue green, Lupin/ pink purple, Sunset, Sunset/red yellow, Violet white


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