Lines and Ripples Neckpiece


This neckpiece will surely turns heads as your friends won’t believe what they are seeing on your neck. A true hand made jewel in precious and non-precious materials.


This statement piece  is a large striking neckpiece that has been made from sterling silver, fine silver (.99 silver) and nylon monofilament. It has been created by cutting lines in the sheet metal material using a very fine hand saw and shaping the resulting cut material into forms.

This piece is worn by hooking the smaller pieces and the cord through a hooked area in the larger piece and is adjustable for length.

Hand cut details include the textured tool marks from the jewelers saw that catch the light on the edges. The monofilament lines have been fed through dozens of hand drilled holes to unify the piece with a splash of rich dark color. This piece can be made to order in a variety of colors for the lines.

4.5″ x 3.25″ x 25.5″



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