Ripples Pierced Hearts Cuff Bracelet


Rippling hearts on your wrist!

Elegant and sophisticated, the jewelry in the Ripples collection is the perfect adornment for women who refuse to blend in with the crowd and like to wear their affinity to the coastal environment.


When you are drawn to the water, you want to express yourself with jewelry that communicates who you are. The Ripples collection from Fair Winds Jewelry articulates your connection to water in original jewelry with wave movements in three-dimensional forms.

The Pierced Hearts bracelet is made from sterling silver (92.5% silver) intricately cut by hand with the thinnest saw blade possible and hand formed into this elegant cuff. The heart pattern is based on the way wave form ripples radiate outward from a source.
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1.75″ x 2.75″ x 2.5″

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